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The NHL's best are skating towards a trip to the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals and if you're lucky enough to view your favorite team march towards an NHL championship, then forever display your ticket and personal photos with our 2012 Stanley Cup ticket Frames that will feature the New Jersey Devils vs. the Los Angeles Kings.

2012 Stanley Cup Ticket Frames
If you're fortunate enough to witness you're favorite team in the Western or Eastern Conference Finals or skating for an NHL championship, you'll want to forever capture the memory with a professionally framed Ticket Frame or collectible.

Different framing options will be available for you to best show and be able to say that "I was there to see the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals."

Types of Ticket Frames and Collectibles to choose from will include:

- Ticket Frames: Find several great personal ticket and photo framing options that you can feature along side historic photos, headlines and info regarding the Kings vs. Devils championship series.

- Mega Tickets: Imagine your ticket expanded to 500 times it's original size and placed on a canvas back for all the world to see!

Series Notes:The Los Angeles Kings defeated the Phoenix Coyotes for the Western Conference title while the New Jersey Devils upended the New York Rangers for Eastern Conference supremeacy.

The New Jersey Devils have captured 3 Stanley Cup titles with their last one coming in 2003.

NHL Eastern and Western Conference Ticket Frames will be available in late May, while the 2012 Stanley Cup ones will be availabe in Mid-June.

The Los Angeles Kings Won a Western Conference title in 1993 and with their 2012 title, have now been crowned Conference champs for a second time. With their NHL Finals berth secure, LA is now seeking their first NHL title. The LA Kings first hit the ice as a franchise in 1967.

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