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Celebrate the Crimson Tide's 2012 BCS National Championship win over Notre Dame with this 17 x 11-inch "Crimson Crush" print from acclaimed artist, Larry Pitts.

Alabama - Crimson Crush 2012 National Championship Print
Alabama - Crimson Crush 2012 National Championship Print
Item# Ala-Cr-Crsh-Prnt

Product Description

Titled "Crimson Crush", this print features key moments in Bama's blowout win over Notre Dame that saw Tide fans witness the program earning it's 15th national championship!

The print features Head Coach Nick Saban and many of the players responsible for the dominating season and win.

Additional background images are from previous Alabama vs. Notre Dame games and an image from a previous Orange Bowl appearance by the University.

- Perfect for the home or office and for the Alabama fan on your shopping list.

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