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This Auburn Double-Sided Dual Logo flag delivers two separate Tigers logos thanks to new technology that allows the flag to be viewed correctly on both sides.

Auburn Double-Sided Dual Logo Flag
Auburn Double-Sided Dual Logo Flag
Item# AUDBlFlg13S928

Product Description

Not sure which logo or color you want for your next AU Tigers Flag? Don't pick one design. Pick two!

This brand new Auburn Flag has taken the displaying of your team spirit to a level never seen before!

How it works: Artwork is heat-transferred to sun-blocking poly suede fabric. This sun-blocking technology provides for a different image to be applied to each side.

What it means to you: Logos and text can be read correctly on both sides.

Additional details about this dual logo flag:

- Dimensions: 44 x 28 vertical design

- Manufactured by Team Sports America

- Available for shipping in June 2013

- Shipping only $4.95

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