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This "A Team of Champions" print by artist William Hallmark salutes the BCS Championship efforts of the 2010 Auburn Tigers. A full 20 x 24", this AU collectible is a limited edition of 3000 s/n prints

 "A Team of Champions" 20 x 24" s/n Print
"A Team of Champions" 20 x 24" s/n Print
Item# Aub-TMofChamps

Product Description

 "A Team of Champions" 20 x 24" s/n Print
About the artist: William Clayton Hallmark has a God-given talent that has made him one of today's top Christian artists. In his thirties, this painter captures the unique symbolism of Bible verses with amazing insight and understanding. Each of William's pieces is inspired by God's word.

As you see the inset photo, William Hallmark is a devout Auburn Tigers fan as well.

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