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Since the 1950s, Rolling the Trees at Auburn's Toomer's Corner has been a tremendous tradition that thousands of Tiger fans have enjoyed while celebrating important victories. With the trees being removed following their poisoning, we reflect on the Oaks.

Auburn - Toomer's Corner Rolling of the Trees Tradition

Located at Auburn's intersection of College Street and Magnolia Avenue, is Toomer's Drugs. The landmark has operated since 1896 and sits adjacent to the University's campus. The two oaks began as seedlings in the late 1880s and have cast a powerful shadow for decades.

Tradition has it that at one time, Toomer's Drugs was the only place in Auburn that had a telegraph. When store employees would receive word of an Auburn road win, they would throw the ticker tape over the power lines. Eventually, the traditions transformed into toilet paper thrown over the oaks.

Since the trees were poisioned in 2010, the University made a tremendous effort to save them. However the bid to keep the tradition alive was not successful. And with that realization, Auburn University's Tree Preservation Committee announced in Februay 2013, that the trees would be removed.

A final rolling of the trees will take place on Saturday, April 20, 2013, following the A-Day football game. This event preceeds the removal of the beloved Oaks taking place three days later.

Although the Auburn Oaks will no longer grace Toomer's Corner, plans will soon be announced about how the area will once again serve as a center of school spirit and unity.

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