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While there is never any love lost between Auburn and Alabama fans, Public Enemy #1 for the Tiger faithful is and will probably always be Harvey Updyke.

Auburn Tree Posioner - Harvey Updyke Sentenced

March 22, 2013 Update: Harvey Updyke was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to criminal damage of an agricultural facility. The admitted Auburn tree poisoner must serve a minumum of six months behind bars.

Following Auburn's 2010 comeback win over the Crimson Tide that helped the Tigers continue their march towards a national championship, fans delighted in rolling the trees at Toomer's Corner with great celebration.

However an Alabama fan took the fate of the famed 130-year old trees into his own hands. Instead of draping toilet paper like the fans clad in Orange and Blue, this individual attacked the landmark with herbicide. And in this rage of jealousy done under the cover of darkness, the trees were poisoned with a product that is often used to not only clear out sagebrush and unwanted plants, but to kill oak trees as well.

"The weekend after the Iron Bowl, I went to Auburn, Alabama, 'cause I live 30 miles away, and I poisoned the two Toomer's trees. I put Spike 80DF in them."

Those chilling words were from "Al in Dadeville" as he boasted on the popular sports themed Paul Finebaum radio show on January 27, 2010.

After telling it all on the syndicated radio show, Auburn officials became alerted to what mayhem was attacking their trees. Because of the slow-acting effects of the poision, University officials had been unaware of the criminal act.

The next month Al from Dadeville was arrested as media outlets reported that Harvey Almon Updyke had been charged with criminal mischief.

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