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These Clemson Rivalry T-Shirts are perfect for highlighting the Tigers biggest rivalry games. With Clemson being a long-time major force in the ACC Conference, the University has established many strong rivalries.

Clemson Rivalry Tees

This collection of Clemson Rivalry T-shirts and merchandise features some of the program's most heated opponents. Whether you're seeking a shirt with a funny message or drawing or a serious one that gets in your rivals face, we've got the design for you.

The newest additions to Clemson's rivalry lineup is the new "Don't Be A Dick" shirts that allow Tiger fans to talk some SMACK to South Carolina fans. Our tees that point out that "My Favorite Team is Clemson and Whoever Plays Carolina" are also funny fan favorites!

The Clemson vs. South Carolina Rivalry has been a bitter one since the two universities faced each other on the gridiron in 1896. The Orange and Purple clad fans have had the most to cheer about with the Tigers owning a decisive edge in the series.

Although the schools are in different conferences, these cross state rivals play each season. A State Assembly passed a resolution in 1952 requiring the two schools to meet every year. That law still stands today and each season Clemson and Carolina battle for the Hardees Trophy.

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