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When it comes to bragging rights in the Clemson vs. South Carolina football rivalry, Tiger fans have plenty to roar about. CU holds a decided edge in the rivalry that is often referred to as the Palmetto Bowl.

Clemson  Bragging Rights in the Tigers vs. Gamecocks Rivalry

Since these two South Carolina schools first met on the gridiron in 1896, Clemson has been a dominating force in the series.

Clemson winning streaks are common through the decades. The Tigers longest streak in the series is from 1934-40 when CU fried the Cocks seven straight times. In more modern times, the Tigers defeated South Carolina 10 out of 12 times in a stretch from 1997 through 2008.

The Tigers have been known to put a pretty serious woopin' on Carolina as well. The biggest stomping dates all the way back to 1900 when Clemson set a decades long butt-whipping tone with a 51-0 victory. Better remembered by the current Orange and Purple clad faithful is the 1989(45-0) shutout pitched by Clemson and the 2003 chicken slaughter that saw Clemson destroy USC 63-17 in Columbia.

Clemson fans also enjoy bragging since they have won a college football national championship. The feat was accomplished in 1981 and the Tigers defeated Carolina 29-13 in Columbia on the way to the national title. Tiger fans are also quick to remind South Carolina fans that their number of national titles still is a round and fat "0".

The most heated moment in the CU vs. USC rivalry took place in 2004 in Clemson's Memorial Stadium. With 5:48 left in the game that the Tigers led 29-7, a fight broke out among players. With mayhem at all-time peak levels, players from both squads were tossed out of the contest for shoving and punching. The effects of the game lasted into the next season with players from both squads serving suspensions.

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