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These college rivalry T-shirts talk great smack and add a new dimmension to the game's biggest rivalries throughout the season and beyond. Find apparel that talks some smack and gear that features some of biggest games.

College Rivalry Shirts

Find a great selection of shirts for school's across the college football landscape. Whether it's to get fired up for gameday, talk some every day smack to a heated opponent or to exclaim your excitement of a game's final score, these collegiate smack shirts were made for you.

Besides a creative and fun message, this apparel is also made of 100% cotton heavyweight t-shirts.

Some of our favorite College rivalry t-shirts have specific themes that have generated quite a buzz. Some of the top designs for school such as Florida, Clemson, Oklahoma and more include the "My Favorite Team", the "Stay Victorious", "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" and of course the "Don't be a Dick" football t-shirts.

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