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This I Wanna Party Like It's 1995 Long Sleeve T-Shirt is for Dallas Cowboys fans who are eager to see their proud franchise return to the championship levels of the mid 1990's.

Dallas Cowboys Fans Long Sleeve "Party Like it's 1995" T-Shirt
Dallas Cowboys Fans Long Sleeve "Party Like it's 1995" T-Shirt
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Dallas fans are having championship after the Cowboys stormed through the 2016 season and earned the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs. With the offense rolling strong after the arrival of Dak and Zeke and a defense playing strong, Dallas fans will agree that it's time to win out and then Party like it's 1995...the last year that the franchise won a Super Bowl title.

This Long Sleeve shirt serves as a rallying cry for Dallas fans who are ready to lift the league's championship trophy for the first time since the 1995 season.

"Party Like It's 1995" Shirt Information.

The shirt's front incorporates the party theme. The back design says, C'MON 'Boys....Let's Do This! Get your shirt today and watch the Cowboys play all the way to having a championship party!!!!

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