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This Denver "Proud To Be A Raiders Hater" T-Shirt quickly enables Broncos fans to accurately display their Hate for Oakland and their allegiance to the Mile-High Broncos!

Denver "Proud to Be a Raiders Hater" T-Shirt
Denver "Proud to Be a Raiders Hater" T-Shirt
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Product Description

As this Denver "Proud to be a Raiders Hater" T-shirt reflects, Broncos fans know that hating Oakland comes naturally and generations of fans in the Rockies have done it. Broncos fans will tell you those thuggish Oakland fans are obnoxious and arrogant in their makeup and costumes. This shirt allows you to fire back at those Raiders fans and to let all fans know that you proudly bleed Broncos Orange and Blue!

Bleeding those colors is a common trait of fans who cheer for Denver and any Raiders fan that gets too close to your space, will realize that they better back off! Why??? because as this Denver vs. Oakland rivalry t-shirt says, you're proud to be a Raiders Hater!

Whether you're planning on cheering on the boys in Orange and Blue at the stadium or just hanging out with fellow fans, make sure you have this shirt and let everyone know that you're a staunch member of the Raiders Hater Club!

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