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This Michigan Suede Reflections Double-Sided Dual Logo flag delivers two separate Wolverines Maize and Blue logos thanks to new technology that allows the flag to be viewed correctly on both sides.

Michigan Double-Sided Suede Dual Logo Flag
Michigan Double-Sided Suede Dual Logo Flag
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Product Description

This brand new University of Michigan House Flag has taken the displaying of your team spirit to a level never seen before!

How it works: Artwork is heat-transferred to sun-blocking poly suede fabric. This sun-blocking technology provides for a different image to be applied to each side.

What it means to you: Logos and text can be read correctly on both sides. This Suede flag features the traditional Maize "M" logo against a blue background and a blue "M" logo one on the other side with a Maize background.

Additional details about this dual logo house flag:

- Dimensions: 44 x 28 vertical design

- Manufactured by Team Sports America

- Available for shipping in June 2013

- Shipping only $4.95

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