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This vibrant Jason Heyward Screen Print Collectible is a limited edition of just 250 and is signed and numbered by sports artist Chris Speakman. With it's excellent detail, it's sure to be a big hit with Heyward and Atlanta Braves fans.

Atlanta - Jason Heyward Screen Print (Artist S&N) Collectible
Atlanta - Jason Heyward Screen Print (Artist S&N) Collectible
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Product Description

Atlanta - Jason Heyward Screen Print (Artist S&N) Collectible

This Jason Heyward collectible print can be purchased is available in two versions. Purchase it unframed or select to have this print double-matted in black and framed with a 1-inch wide black wood molding.

Additional product features:

- Size is 17"x21"

- Individually numbered on 100% cotton, archival Stonehenge brand paper

- Unframed Usually Ships in 3-7 Days. Framed Usually Ships in 1-2 Weeks

- Shipping is only $4.95

About the artist: Chris Speakman's "Sports Propaganda" limited edition prints are conceptually inspired by the various war-like rivalries that are common in sports. His work also has a likeness to the propaganda art from the 1940's. This acclaimed artist's work has been featured in the Boston Globe, and additional media outlets.

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