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LSU vintage helmets make a great collectible that features the tremendous history of Tigers football with authentic looking full-sized replica head gear from the days of Billy Cannon, Tommy Casanova, Bert Jones and more!

LSU Vintage Helmets
These LSU vintage helmet replicas capture historical moments in the University's football history from the Paul Dietzel and Charlie McClendon eras and beyond.

These throwback items date back to when the Tigers would hit the field with helmets that presented numbers instead of the famous tiger-head emblem.

Just as they were produced over 40 years ago, these retro suspension helmets are individually painted, with hand-applied decals/striping, and manually assembled from more than seventy parts. The machine-sewn leather jaw pads, vintage face mask, riveted-in military style patented cloth-suspension and classic flared shell shape and size make the helmet immediately identifiable.

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LSU 1958-1964 Billy Cannon Helmet
LSU 1972-1976 Bert Jones Helmet
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