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This Milwaukee Brewers heritage banner tracks the evolution of the teams Logos over the years. This wool collectible is constructed with applique and embroidery and includes a hanging rod and cord.

Milwaukee Brewers Wool Heritage Banner
Milwaukee Brewers Wool Heritage Banner
Item# WS674088460164

Product Description

A unique product that salutes the history of your Brew Crew starting with the 1970 logo!

Whether for the home, office or man cave, this Milwaukee Brewers Heritage Banner makes a great decoration and also salutes the evolution of this proud franchise.

Manufactured by Winning Streak, the MLB Heritage Team Banner has been used to enhance the decor in a number of sports venues and stadiums. MLB Heritage Team Banners have even made their way onto one of the space shuttle missions, carrying team spirit into space. Many movies and TV shows have also used these to enhance the authentic feel and nostalgia of their sets.

Additional Product Info

- Dimensions: 32.00'' L x 8.00'' W x 1.00'' H.

- includes a hanging rod and cord.

- Manufactured by Winning Streak

- Licensed by MLB

- Shipping is only $4.95 and this product normally ships within 2 business days..

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