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Mississippi State's Davis-Wade Stadium at Scott Field celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2014 with a just completed expansion project that has increased the seating capacity to 61,337.

Mississippi State Davis-Wade Stadium at Scott Field  Collectibles and History

Celebrate the tremendous grown of MSU athletics that has been showcased in the increased seating and amenities at the Bulldog's home field. Davis-Wade Stadium at Scott Field Panoramic prints highlighting the venue will soon be available along with collectibles and apparel highlighting its century of football.

College football's second-oldest Division I-A campus football stadium was named after USA Olympic sprinter Don Magruder Scott, one of MSU's first football superstars. The expansion to 61,337 seats marks the 5th major renovation to the stadium. The last previous expansion came in the summer of 2000 and raised capacity to 55,082

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