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This NY Giants Lighted Coir Door Mat not only welcomes your guests with great team spirit, but the embedded LED lights offer a great safety feature that's sure to score in the Big Apple and beyond.

NY Giants Lighted Door Mat
NY Giants Lighted Door Mat
Item# NYGDMat

Product Description

Not only does this mat say "Giants Fans Welcome,", but this door mat is designed to help you keep from Sliding or Falling out of bounds!

With the safety feature of having 10 embedded super bright LED lights, this mat lights up when you step on it and stays lit for a full 60 seconds. This feature is perfect for helping a Giants fan to not stumble on a dark walkway or trip over something in the garage! NY Giants fans will also be happy that the lights automatically shut off to conserve energy.

Additional product features

- Coir Door Mat with Outdoor safe design

- Officially licensend NFL product

- Manufactured by Evergreen Enterprises

- Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)

- Shipping only $4.95. Normally ships within 2 business days.

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