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These University of Michigan Ipad 2, iPod Touch, iPhone 4, Tablet and Computer Cases and Sleeves will score when it comes to personalizing and protecting your smart phones, tablets and electronic devices from Apple, Samsung, Amazon and more.

Michigan Sleeves & Cases for iPad 2, iPhone 4 & 4S, Kindle Fire and More
Discover our tremendous lineup of cases and sleeves designed for specific Apple devices and other smart phone and tablet devices!

With the goal of keeping your essential electronic and communication devices intact and scratch free, many of these products offer shock-absorbing features such as Silicone, high-quality neoprene and durable hard-shell plastic cases. Big Blue fans will also love the percision "M" graphic that will not fade!

For those of you not using an "Apple" a day, then you'll find our Tablet sleeve with its 8.25-inch high and 5.25" wide dimmensions perfect for Wolverine fans using the original Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Amazon fans will also delight in being able to use the small tablet sleeve for a nice fit for the Kindle 3, the Kindle Touch and the Blazing hot, Kindle Fire.

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