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Raise your Cocky spirits to a whole new level and poke fun at USC opponents with these South Carolina Gamecocks Rivalry T-Shirts. Whether it's ragging on Clemson fans or an SEC rival, you'll love this Cocks themed apparel.

South Carolina Rivalry Tees
With the University of South Carolina playing in the incredibly tough SEC East, there are some ill feelings between the fan bases of these different schools. This apparel offers Gamecocks fans an opportunity to talk some Smack to those opponents and the Clemson unfaithful.
Beating Clemson is an enjoyable experience for South Carolina fans. With the campuses only 132 miles apart, this in-state rivalry bubbles at a constant boil. Besides braggin rights, these two teams battle each season for the Hardee's Trophy.

The South Carolina vs. Georgia annunal contest is known as the Border Rivalry. The series featuring SEC East Division foes, dates back to 1894

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