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The South Carolina Sandstorm Tradition is one of the newest ones displayed at Williams-Brice Stadium by the school's fans. It involves the playing of a popular song and a lot of fan excitement.

South Carolina Sandstorm Tradition
The last thing teams want to see and witness while playing football in Columbia, is a South Carolina Sandstorm.
The Gameday tradition normally takes place after a Gamecocks score while Garnet and Black clad fans are usually worked into a frenzy. As the Gamecocks prepare to kickoff, the song Sandstorm by Darude is played while fans wave their white and garnet "Cocky Cloth" towels in the air in jubuliant fashion. As soon as the kickoff team approaches the ball and the kicker makes contact with the ball, the song is halted.

The tradition is reported to have been born when the song was played during Cocks 2009 16-10 win over No. 4 ranked Ole Miss. The USC defense was rattling Ole Miss Heisman Candidate Jevan Snead and when the Sandstorm song was place, Williams-Brice Stadium erupted in excitement. Since then the tradition has continued to grow and it is an essential part of Football Saturdays in Columbia that include other great gameday moments such as the 2001 entrance, the Cokaboose Railroad and much more.

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