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Super Bowl 45 Ticket Frame

Super Bowl 45 Ticket Frame
Item# Super Bowl 45 Ticket Frame

Product Description

Super Bowl 45 Ticket Frame
A tremendous collectible that captures the excitement of Green Bay's 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The ultimate item for displaying your Super Bowl XLV ticket. Super Bowl Ticket Frames combine your ticket and personal picture with headlines, statistics, game story, and 8-by-10 photo. Let our Super Bowl Ticket Frame capture your memory of being part of NFL history.

Capture the memory of Super Bowl XLV with a Ticket Frame that includes:

Headlines trumpeting the Green Bay Packers championship.

8-by-10 photo from Super Bowl XLV

350-word story compiled by our staff of professional writers.

Complete Super Bowl statistics for both Green Bay and Pittsburgh.

Place holder for your standard Super Bowl ticket, measuring 2 5/8"(W) by 7 1/8"(H), that utilizes professional-grade mounting corners to preserve the condition and value of your ticket (ticket shown in sample not included).

Place for your personal 4-by-6 picture taken during your Super Bowl experience (fan photo shown not included).

Easy-to-follow instructions for adding your ticket and photo.

Officially licensed by the NFL.

Double matted in team colors using white-core mat board and a high-grade black metal frame for a boardroom-quality presentation.

Overall size 18"(H) by 22"(W) with horizontal 8x10 photo. 20"(H) by 20"(W) with vertical 8x10 photo.

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