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"Creepy" has been a term used to describe the UConn alternate football helmets scheduled to be premiered in 2013. The new design will certainly help the Connecticut football players to stare down their opponents.

UConn Alternate Helmets
Instead of featuring the university's Husky mascot on the side of the helmet like 99.999% of the other colleges that sport decals, UConn will sport a different look in 2013.
The new headgear features a Husky's head complete with menacing eyes on the front of the helmet. Therefore, when looking at a UConn player head on, you'll see his face that is topped by face of the school's mascot.

The new "Leaping Husky" headgear will be available on both a white and blue version. A strip will run down the center of the headgear and the words "UConn Huskies" will be be along the base of the helmet's back bottom.

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