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This Cam Newton "Unstoppable" print by acclaimed artists Greg Gamble, captures the excitement of Newton's breathtaking TD run against LSU during the 2010 season. It was a critical play on the road to the Heisman and a BCS Championship. This limited edition print will be a great addition to the home or office!

"Unstoppable" by Greg Gamble 27.25 x 23"
"Unstoppable" by Greg Gamble 27.25 x 23"
Item# Aub-UnStop-Gam

Product Description

When it comes to the amazing physical skills that Cam Newton possessed as Auburn's QB, unstoppable may be an understatement.

This 27.25 x 23" print is a limited edition of 1000 and is signed and numbered by the artist Greg Gamble.

Against #6 LSU, Newton ran for 217 yards and 2 TD's in Auburn's 24-17 win. In what was one of the most spectacular plays of the season, Newton flashed power and speed on his way to a 49-yard score that put Auburn up 17-10 in the 3Q.

Greg Gamble prints are completed with a meticulous printing process to ensure tremendous quality and customer satisfaction. A Certificate of authenticity and a medallion specially designed for framing are included.

This tribute to Auburn's 2010 Heisman Trophy winner usually ships within four business days.

It is not framed, so that you can choose the frame that best suits your home or office.

Shipping is only $4.95


"Unstoppable" 11 x 9" Print
"Unstoppable" 11 x 9" Print
"Unstoppable" 11 x 9" Print Aub-UnStop-9x11"-Gamb
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