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The story of why West Virginia University sports Old gold and blue colors dates back to 1890. And by the way....make sure you say gold and blue instead of blue and gold. Those are Pitt's colors.

Why West Virginia Fans Wear Gold & Blue
According to the West Virginia Alumni website, the University's upperclassmen selected the colors in 1890. The color choice was likely made easy since the state's seal sports those colors as well.
The color selection even found its way into the popular WV "Hail West Virginia" song. The words "gold and blue" are in the song's first verse.

While Old Gold is the official University color, a look at the logo featured on apparel and uniforms is a brighter shade. The brighter gold is also believed to foster a more intimidating event at sporting events. It's also a nice contrast to the gold featured by their bitter rival Pitt Panthers.

The university broke away from their colorful tradition in 2012 when the football players donned gray uniforms in a victory over Maryland. The alternate uniforms drew mixed reviews. With the influx of the new gray helmet, jersey and pants, the number of WV football uniform combinations jumped to 32.

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